c a t h e r i n e  c h a m b e r s




The insect icons are part of an ongoing series entitled The Eyes of Jainism, and are an exploration of the Jainist interpretation of ahimsa, a Sanskrit word for harmlessness or nonviolence.

The images of these insects serve as a symbol for all life -- and humanity -- that remain overlooked, discounted or crushed under the feet of ignorance, misunderstanding, carelessness -- or war -- without either the benefit of reflection, nor the grace of remorse.

Traditional icons venerate the highest among us; these small pieces ask us to consider the lowest among us – those upon whom the very web of life depends.




Works in Private Collections


On the Renunciation of the Material Worldfinal_edited_edited.jpg


C a t h e r i n e C h a m b e r s

As with iconography, where the viewer is called to meditate, contemplate and reflect, I use the visual as a spiritual point of departure to both examine and question the constructs of culture and history, and how they inform our all too brief journey in this material world.

Primarily a figurative oil painter, working with clay has become an opportunity to express more abstract ideas and images with a medium that is extremely direct, elemental and capricious.

I have work included in collections in the United States and Belgium, am a self-taught artist, and currently work out of my studio in Southern California.

On the Renunciation of the Material World (detail)

oil on wood, Private Collection

The Plague Bearer

oil on wood, 5.5 x 11